Nov 2012 - FloWell Cleaning a 27 mile pipeline in the USA !!

Dear All,

FloWell were invited to clear a 27 mile Sub Sea Pipeline, from a Platform, in the Gulf of Mexico for a Major American Operator.

This Pipeline had been gradually building up over a 7 year period with very aggressive Wax build up over the past year ! Various efforts over the years had failed to prevent Wax Build up, but had succeeded in slowing the process.
A Drag Reducer had been in use for the past year, which offered relief, but NOT a cure ! Boph had reduced to less than 90bobh in the last 6 months !! Naturally, the Platform Operator had grown increasingly concerned, having tried other options to clear this pipeline, there was the great risk that it was on course for a potential blockage.

In their desperation, they turned to FloWell. To be honest, perhaps this was the only way that we were going to get this major Opportunity to show what FloWell can do !!

And we grabbed it, with a Vigour and Proved yet again that FloWell is a very Special Product Indeed !!

We had successfully cleared a small Pipeline in the Ukraine, and had a successful trial in the Gulf of Thailand - it was a gamble for the client to use a new young company, with a new product, still finding its way in the notoriously difficult business to penetrate, The Oil Industry !

However, we have had Major success !! FloWell after approximately the first two weeks, FloWell took the boph from 90 , to 145 boph, a staggering increase in such a short time.

This Pipeline has never been pigged since first operation 7 years ago - however, the Wax only began to really be a problem about a year ago, with rapid build up over the past few months. This will take a long time to totally clear, after all we are up against 7 years of build up, its a long Pipeline and also travels in a uphill direction, along with many small peaks and troughs along the way.

However, continual treatment will surely improve and return this to a healthy Pipeline !!

More information to come soon - FloWell Cleans Oil Pipelines Where Others Dont !!! Fact !!

Full Case study and reference soon !!


Case Study - FloWell Canada

Flowell Canada is an emerging production chemical service company in the WCSB. Phase I of our launch is focused on paraffin management in troublesome wells, flow lines and facilities.

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Nov 2012 - FloWell Cleaning a 27 mile pipeline in the USA !!

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